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Revalorize organic waste to decarbonize agriculture and produce renewable energy by integrating tailored made solutions and German technologies in the biogas sector.


The most important step for us are detailed and worked out planning processes which are adapted and designed to the local conditions.

Calculate & VisualizE

We are offering diagnostic test, profitability calculations and flowcharts to visualize the biogas plant and inform you about the expected performance of your available fermentation material. 


For repowering, German Biogas companies are able to support you by them self in their field of activity.

About biogas

For the German Biogas association, the most important goal is to have satisfied customers, while revalorizing organic waste and producing renewable energy.

Team German Biogas

German Family
owned Companies

German Biogas is an association of four German family owned companies, working successfully in the biogas sector for more than 30 years.


We have developed thousands of biogas project in a small and large size in more than 80 countries worldwide.

About us

four companies - one goal
a successful project


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Highest quality standards

The main strength of Lipp GmbH lies in the area of steel tank construction. Machine Schmidberger GmbH delivers feeding systems in a robust stainless steel construction structure. Baur Folie GmbH is known for its membranes and gas holders. Paulmichl GmbH is well-known by its robust and long life agitators, pumps and  separation technologies.

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Kisslegger Straße 13, 88299 Leutkirch

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KFG Umwelt Consultoría S.A. de C.V Av. Gustavo Baz Prada No.47, Local 3, Col. Xocoyahualco, Tlalnepantla, EDOMEX, C.P. 54080, México

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