PAULMICHL is becoming an increasingly well-known name worldwide in the field of biogas.

With their claim of quality and longevity, flexibility and individual adaptability, they realize more than 500 projects per year from the technical equipment of individual tanks and plants to the ready-to-operate plant in the builder-owner model. Their strengths are innovative, powerful and durable agitators. PAULMICHL is not just equipping more than 500 projects a year worldwide, through their flexibility they are able to adapt mounting plates of agitators to existing tank openings, that´s why PAULMICHL is one of the strongest market leaders in repowering biogas plants worldwide.

Fermenter Agitators Type MAMMUT


The majority of these agitators do have very low maintenance costs as nearly no ones.

That ensures the high quality standard with simple technology. PAULMCIHL agitators are built completely out of stainless steel 1.4301 and for example with high quality bearings of the manufacturer SKF-FAG, mechanical sealing SIC/SIC Burgman and power reserve – operation with frequency converter. All agitators do have their drive unit outside of the tank and especially the MAMMUT agitator has a 3D-shock absorber system for a long-lasting operation.

Since 1907

In the field of biogas technology, PAULMICHL advises you with their team of specialists and many years of experience worldwide on site to ensure the most efficient and best possible installation.

In the field of separation technology, we design, plan, supply and install stationary units, each adapted to the operational conditions and customer requirements. With their mobile units, they can offer a variety of different models and equipment. Due to their 114 years of company history, they develop, plan and produce according to strict European standards and thus ensure high quality down to the smallest detail.


One of their milestones is not only to meet these standards but to exceed them in order to set new standards. PAULMICHL´S declared goal is quality leadership in this field of activity. For this they work and produce sustainable and economical solutions. PAULMICHL lives this long-standing tradition in the sense of modern value preservation.

Fermenter Agitator MAMMUT Propeller


Waste fermentation plants

Agriculture biogas plants

Sewage sludge digestion

Anerobic wastewater treatment plants


The choice of the agitator technology plays a very important role in the biogas process.

Not only to ensure the best possible mixing and uniform heating of the substrate, so that biogas bacteria can multiply and no solid floating layers are formed in the tank as well as the tank geometry, gasholders facilities, heating systems, feeding processes and energy requirements must be harmonizing. PAULMICHL products are standing for flexibility that they can ensure the best operating process. All their products are manufactured customized. Each separator, special version of agitators are going through a strict quality and operating test before they are going to be shipped/ transported to the customer. 

More information about PAULMICHL and their product range can you find on their website.