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Environment, climate change, circular economy and waste treatment are keywords in our everyday life.

But what about biogas?

Biogas means so much more than just the production of renewable energy. It is the coproduct of a biological process, similar to the “stomach of a cow”, which allow us to valorize all kind of organic waste products and produce biogas and organic fertilizer/soil amender.

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Team German Biogas

Who we are

German Biogas is an association of four German family owned companies, working successfully in the biogas sector for more than 30 years.


We have developed thousands of biogas project in a small and large size in more than 80 countries worldwide. The main strength of Lipp GmbH lies in the area of steel tank construction; Machine Schmidberger GmbH delivers feeding systems in a robust stainless steel construction structure; Baur Folie GmbH is known for its membranes and gas holders; Paulmichl GmbH is well-known by its robust and long life agitators, pumps and  separation technologies.


We also provide basic consulting to select the feedstock and size of biogas plant to revalorize the organic waste, with high quality standard components, customized solutions and an excellent customers service.

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For the German Biogas association, the most important goal is to have satisfied customers, while revalorizing organic waste and producing renewable energy.


Nowadays, the Latin-American region is increasing its interest on renewable energy and waste management since due to lack or incorrect waste management from different sector such as food industries, tourism, agriculture and private household, the health and environmental challenges are becoming part of the local government agenda.


Additionally, 70% of the populations by 2050 will be living in a city and natural resources will be limited. Therefore, German Biogas can contribute on address this challenge by providing technical solutions to revalorize organic waste while producing renewable energy such as biogas and soil amender. Additional benefits include the accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goals at a local and national level.

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30 years experience

The German Biogas Group has more than 30 years experience in the biogas sector. We are ready to be your business partners, as organic waste is in fact an excellent substrate to create an income for your community, company or house. For all of us the success of your biogas plant is counting.