Schmidberger Technology

Schmidberger is growing more and more worldwide. The company convinces with their high quality production and the durability of their products. Schmidberger was founded in year 1987. Since more than 15 years they are involved in the production of solid feeders and desulphurization systems. Therefore Schmidberger only uses high quality stainless steel type V2A or steel type V4A. Because of their still growing experience and their high qualified employees they are able to provide their customers solutions in different working areas of a biogas plant under consideration of extraordinarily high care. All their building parts which are getting in touch with the substrate are made exclusively out of stainless steel and do have a 2 mm thick wall. Out of that experience, they can ensure a better protection against some wear and tear of the components.

Main focus of Schmidberger in the field of biogas plants:

Schmidberger has established four different standard sizes of solid dosing systems. Through their flexibility in production, they can provide solid dosing systems from 4m³ until 200m³ volume. Furthermore it is possible to have a conveying capacity up to 50tons/hour for large industrial plants.


Secondly Schmidberger is known for their desulphurization plants. Starting for small farmers owned biogas plants with 75kW electrical power up to 2MW plants. But Schmidberger isn´t just able to satisfy their customers with desulphurization plant up to 2MW. Customers conditions on site can be specifically treated and depending on the requirements, these desulphurization plants can be combined with each other in a row exposition.

Schmidberger provides

  • Feeding technology: inclined feeder, scraper floor feeder, hopper system, moving floor

  • Desulphurization systems

  • Maintenance walkways

  • Beet crushers

  • Drum filling stations: mobile or stationary

  • Average lock

  • Heavy material separator:

  • Substrate heater

  • Tube bundle heat exchanger

projects worldwide

success worldwide

The still growing company success worldwide relies to the ability to respond to customers individually needs as the long term satisfaction of more than 310 gas processing units, 330 solid feeding systems and 21 individual produced special machinery in the biogas sector. Whether feeding systems or desulphurization plants have been built up in our factory placed in Germany, they are going through a high quality control before they are placed at customer sides. For Schmidberger, there are no requests which are impossible. They are changing impossible ideas to makeable solutions in closely cooperation with their customers.

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