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LIPP GmbH is a well-known name in biogas sector, not only in Europe but also abroad.

Biogas plants from LIPP are based on the so-called, wet fermentation. LIPP GmbH has realized thousands of biogas projects in more than 80 countries by using self-development technologies (Double Seam System) and self-made material (patented stainless steel VERINOX®).

VERINOX® stainless steel

The majority of these projects are still in operation and ensure proof of the high quality and the technical and economic performance of LIPP’s system solutions. Important milestones of LIPP has been the development of the VERINOX® patented material and the intensive research work on biogas technology. VERINOX® stainless steel is a patented, award-winning combination material that offers the properties of high-quality stainless steels, e.g. 1.4301, 1.4571 or 1.4539, at the cost of galvanized steel and has been in use for more than 30 years.

Constructing the tank on-site more than 55 years

The highest quality and longevity of materials are our top priorities. Our Values are laying in innovation, continuous search for best practices, methods and technologies.

International market recognize the quality of the unique LIPP Double Seam System, where it expand in construction of vertical tanks for liquid, gaseous and solid substance in different industries, communities and agriculture. The principle of the LIPP Double-Seam-System is as follows: the edges of steel strips are folded over together twice, connecting them together in such a way that even aggressive liquids inside the tank cannot find any surfaces to attack. The result: corrosion is prevented and maximum leak-tightness is achieved. This unique construction system ensures the highest levels of quality when storing the different medium in open or close systems.  At present, there are numerous successful operating partner companies using the same technology in Brazil, USA, China, Japan, Philippines and Malaysia.

LIPP provide tanks and system solutions for biogas production

Anaerobic wastewater treatment plants

Waste fermentation plants

Sewage sludge digestion

Agriculture biogas plants

high quality materials

In addition to the corrosion-resistant and economical material VERINOX® and the high quality materials and components, the Double Seam System is the guarantee for durable construction.

The choice of optimal tank geometry also plays a crucial role in terms of stirring ability, heat transfer and energy requirements, and therefore also to the profitable operation of the system. Specially developed roof structures, pumping and mixing systems, and special safety features complete the LIPP system. Some system components such as special agitators or gas storage facilities are purchased from long-time suppliers who are the recognized market leaders in their field.

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